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VideoGen is awesome to scale up video production and improve turnaround time... The complex process of video editing, which could take days or months, now takes minutes!

Ary Mas-Aranguiz
L&D Manager @ Google Fiber

VideoGen is the most underrated tool for content creators who want to put out the highest quality content in the shortest amount of time.

Andrew Yu
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We use VideoGen to rapidly A/B test creatives and iterate fast. This speeds up our process and helps refine our messaging for better results.

Sunny Kakullavarapu
CEO @ OHKO Marketing

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The fastest video creation experience. Ever. VideoGen will help you brainstorm, write, narrate, find stock footage and edit it all together.

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Say goodbye to the pain of recording, re-recording... and re-recording. VideoGen will narrate your videos with world's most advanced text-to-speech engine.

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Adding finishing touches has never been easier. We optimized our video editor to help you create as fast and easy as humanly possible.

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Oh my gosh. It's too easy. This is too easy. It took less than 10 seconds. For creating content quickly, to get a point across, to get another format of things, or to not do any work yourself... I'm just amazed.

Beth Ziesenis saves hours using VideoGen's AI video generator.
Beth Ziesenis
Award-Winning Speaker & Author

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