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A cinematic shot of an evil red dragon sitting on top of a rocky mountain.

Anime of an elf holding a golden sword. She is walking through a mystical forest.

An adorable dog floating on clouds.

A gladiator stands after the battle, fear and horror on his face, tired and beaten, sand on his face mixed with sweat.

New york city in the year 2103, cyberpunk style.

Graffiti-style dark-skinned young woman in an abandoned factory, wall with graffiti, short messy hair, intricate details, urban clothes

(Action film photograph) a Porsche is (flying high through the air), being driven by an action star. with a lot of fire behind it and a building on fire, Dustin Nguyen, action scene, concept art, auto-destructive art, crowded city street with people watching an cheering

A hyper-detailed 8k monochrome illustration inspired by Adolf Fassbender's film photography showcases a goth werewolf in a black suit on a throne. Using film noir aesthetics, it blends realistic matte skin with visible pores, soft lighting, heavy shadows, and the golden ratio for a masterpiece quality.

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An astronaut riding a rainbow unicorn, cinematic

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An astronaut riding a rainbow unicorn, cinematic

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